Non-Welded Potential Within the Tire Manufacturing Industry

While non-welded hydraulic piping is relatively new to the tire manufacturing industry, Parker CPS fluid connector expertise can be applied to the interconnect piping used to power multiple tire presses. In fact, CPS is ideally suited for butt-welded hydraulic header pipes with smaller take-off lines. Its Parflange® F37 slip-flange design provides easier installation than rigid welded flange-to-flange connections.

Faster Piping Commissioning
CPS provides more rapid field installed or pre-fabricated piping compared to field welded piping. Plus, it’s a cold bent seamless tubing system that reduces two welds per bend.

Clean Install
The CPS piping system is installed clean and remains clean. No mill scale or weld-induced contamination will be introduced into the system.

Complete Project Management
Parker’s CPS team can manage the design, fabrication and installation of your non-welded piping system. Or we can provide a turnkey solution for small and large tube lines and hose assemblies.

SAE Flange System
The Parflange F37 system utilizes the industry-proven SAE Code 61/62 flange system to provide complete interchangeability and compatibility with all hydraulic components and hoses.

Let Parker CPS help determine the best option for the medium-pressure hydraulic systems used in your tire manufacturing plant.