Full Range of Value-Added Parker Services and Solutions

Some projects require significant consultation and design services, while others only need prefabricated pipe assemblies from a customer-supplied print. Whatever your project scope, CPS will deliver the ideal application-specific piping solution for it. Solutions like prefabricated piping assemblies delivered right to your jobsite, onsite piping fabrication or a more turnkey approach, including installation.

Expert Consultation Team

Your project requirements are reviewed with our engineering team to determine the best-suited services. Refer to Parker CPS consultation specialists to learn more.

Optimal Design Capabilities

Parker CPS engineers collaborate with your team to develop the most cost-efficient pipe routing design and pipe assembly planning. Explore design potential for your next project.

Convenient Pre- or Onsite Fabrication

With state-of-the-art CNC equipment, the Parker CPS team can expertly manufacture both prefabricated and onsite piping assemblies. See how our fabrication options meet your needs.

Maximum Installation Throughout and Quality

Parker CPS is fully engaged in the onsite installation of our quality piping assemblies. Uncover the advantages of Parker installs.

Flushing and Pressure Testing

Since Parker CPS non-welded systems are inherently clean – free of mill scale and welding-induced contaminants – they are installed clean and remain clean. Look into our thorough flushing capability now.