Advanced Products For Non-Welded, Leak-Free Connections

Robust technology is the foundation of Parker CPS. Our innovative non-welded solutions include a full range of specially designed components that minimize concerns of stress, corrosion and cracking of weld joints, reduce flushing time, and are compliant with SAE/ISO 6162-1/2 and ISO 6164 dimensions and flange patterns. The advanced components include seamless tube, clamps, adapters and flange components for the most complete, efficient non-welded system available today.

Parflange® F37

The Parflange® F37 system utilizes two core connection technologies, F37 Flare and F37 Retaining Ring, to achieve leak-free non-welded connections. Understand how Parflange® F37 can benefit you.


Seal-Lok™ consists of a 90 durometer O-ring that’s compressed in a precision-machined groove to form a tight, positive seal. Get details on the premium Seal-Lok system.

Parflange 1-1/2" and Smaller

The groundbreaking Parker Parflange system also includes flares and fittings 1-1/2" and smaller in size. Uncover the Parflange potential now.

Custom Capabilities

Using the latest CNC technology, Parker CPS can manufacture custom parts to your specification, drawings or world standards. Explore how Parker CPS is making custom manufacturing customary.

Phastite® for Pipe Connection System

A breakthrough in pipe connection technology, Parker’s innovative design combines fast installation with simple assembly process to achieve permanent non-welded, leak-free conncetions quickly and easily. Find out how a Phastite connection can be fabricated in just minutes.