CPS Non-Welded Technology, the Proven Alternative to Time-Consuming and Costly Welding

Parker offers best-in-class non-welded piping solutions, like the example using the Parker Parflange® F37 connector below, that lead to a variety of time and cost savings over conventional counterparts.

Non-welded technology requires less welding and fabrication time, which decreases installation costs. Since no weld contaminants are introduced to the system, flushing time also can be dramatically reduced. And, thanks to Parker CPS center’s cold-bending capabilities, installation time and flow characteristics significantly improve.

Welded System Parflange F37 System with Cold Bent 90 from CPS Center
A comparison of two approaches to a 2" - 4" piping system:
Welds 6 0
Elbow Fittings 2 0
Cold Bends N/A 2
Welding Fabrication Time Extended N/A
System Flushing Time Extended Short
Flow Characteristics Abrupt Continuous
Installed Time Extended Short
Total Installed Cost High Low

Quality-Control Industry Certifications

Parker CPS embraces the concept of quality through continual improvement. Find out more about our high-level quality commitment.

Non-Welded Technology Leads to Time and Cost Benefits

Whatever your challenge, Parker non-welded piping systems can help reduce total project time and costs. Read more about the benefits of non-welded technology.

Parker CPS Non-Welded Systems Are Clean

Free of mill scale and welding-induced contaminants, Parker CPS non-welded systems are inherently clean and remain clean compared to welded systems.