Leak-Free Fittings Ideal for the Metal Shredding Industry

Whether you’re installing new equipment or simply upgrading due to technology advances in shredding and materials separation, Parker CPS and Parflange® F37 technology provide many advantages to large-frame automobile and heavy scrap metal shredders.

Faster Piping Commissioning
Our cold-bent seamless tubing system reduces two welds per bend compared to field-welded piping. With the substantial amount of piping and tubing on the shredder systems, this is a significant time savings.

Inherently Clean
CPS piping is installed clean and remains clean, which is important in high-shock shredder applications where a typical welded pipe system not only contains mill scale, but also weld-induced contaminants.

Complete Project Management
The Parker CPS team can manage the design, fabrication and installation of your non-welded piping system. Or we can provide a more turnkey solution for smaller tube lines and hose assemblies.

SAE Flange System
The Parflange F37 system utilizes the industry-proven SAE Code 61/62 flange system. SAE flanges provide a strong resistance to shock and vibration, which is often a pitfall of welded pipe systems.

Routing Expertise
The CPS team is experienced in the routing, clamping and installation of the entire fluid connector package to help protect from flying debris and inadvertent snagging by the scrap loaders/grapplers.

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