Long-Lasting Leak-Free Hydraulic Connections for the Land-Based Oil and Gas Industry

Parker is familiar with the severe conditions that today’s horizontal drilling equipment and personnel endure. Because productive, profitable rig uptime is your continuous goal, one convenient, reliable source is ideal. CPS technology keeps your equipment up and running in every phase.

Faster Piping Commissioning
Our cold-bent seamless tubing system reduces two welds per bend compared to field-welded piping. With the high usage of piping and tubing in land-based oil and gas drilling, this provides substantial time savings.

Clean Install
Parker’s Parflange® F37 non-welded piping system is installed clean and remains clean throughout the life of the hydraulic hose system. This eliminates weld-induced contamination that can lead to downtime and maintenance costs.

Complete Project Management
Parker’s CPS team can manage the design, fabrication and installation of your non-welded piping system. We also perform onsite agitated hydraulic oil flushing to eliminate the need for chemical flushing.

SAE Flange System
The Parflange F37 system utilized the industry-proven SAE Code 61/62 flange system to provide complete interchangeability and compatibility with all hydraulic components and hoses.

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