Whatever Your Industry, Parker CPS Has a Non-Welded Solution

Parker CPS is guided by a relentless drive to help our customers – whatever the industry – become more productive and achieve higher levels of productivity. Our process starts by looking at customer applications from a variety angles to find new ways to create value. And then we engineer the best non-welded system to meet your requirements.

Metal Shredding

Parker CPS and Parflange® F37 technology provide many long-term benefits to large-frame automobile and heavy scrap metal shredders. See for yourself how Parker CPS can improve your shredding process.

Steel Mills/Metal Production

Eliminating the welding of pipe assembly joints is advantageous in a wide array of steel mill and metal production applications. Realize what Parker CPS can bring to the metal industry.

Land Based Oil & Gas

Parker is familiar with the severe conditions that today’s horizontal drilling equipment and personnel endure. Find out what Parker CPS can bring to the oil & gas industry.

Commercial Marine

Whether you represent a shipyard, marine terminal or maritime vessel, Parker CPS can provide you with an improved hydraulic piping system. Click here for more on commerical marine benefits of Parker CPS.

Tire Manufacturing

Parker CPS fluid connector expertise can be applied to the interconnect piping used to power multiple tire presses. Seek more on Parker CPS potential within the tire market.