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Parflex Hose
Parflex Hose
Parflex Hose
Parflex Hose
Parflex Hose

Parflex offers several different options for hoses. Options include, but are not limited to: different electrical connectors, including options for heat and abrasion shield over lead wires; 1/4, 5/16, and 3/8 fittings; wide variety of lengths; 12V or 24V; etc. Parflex also now has designs for other sizes and core tubes for SCR hoses. These designs ensure that Parflex hoses can be utilized on SCR systems from multiple suppliers.

   • Nylon core products in 6mm I.D.
       - Standard lengths available in 500 mm
         increments, ranging from 500 mm (0.5 m)
         O.A.L. through 6000 mm (6.0 m) in
         most configurations.

   • EPDM core products in 4mm and 5.5mm.
       - EPDM products are used in systems
         without fluid purge

For any non-standard sizes or core tube materials, contact customer service.

NOTE: U.S. Patent No. 8,819,922 on all products


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