Downloadable Parker CPS Literature

Parker CPS offers technical and product-specific information in a wide array of downloadable literature. To view the content-filled materials, click on the links below and download directly from the website in PDF format.

CPS Bulletin

Parker Complete Piping Solutions (CPS) combines our non-welded piping expertise – in the form of consultation, design, fabrication, install and flushing – with the innovative Parflange® F37 non-welded piping system. All to help our customers maximize their profitability.

Parflange F37 Catalog

Parker Parflange F37 product range includes certified components capable of providing non-welded piping systems up to 273 mm with wall thicknesses to 25 mm (10” x 1”).

Phastite Bulletin

Phastite® for pipe is a breakthrough in pipe connection technology. Its innovative design combines fast installation with a simple assembly process to achieve permanent non-welded, leak-free connections quickly and easily.

Phastite Catalog

Parker Phastite® for Pipe is a breakthrough in pipe technology. Designed to perform at subsea depths of 15,000 feet plus and pressures up to 10,000 psi, Phastite boosts productivity with the ability to give you five times as many connections as welding.