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Quick Coupling Competitor Exchange

Yes, there is an app for that! Now, finding a QCD product interchange for a competitor's part number is as close as your smart phone or mobile device. Get access to the information that you need, when you need it.

The new mobile device app lists Quick Coupling products that interchange with top competitors. You can search by competitor name or part number. Even a partial competitor part number will return a list of possible matches. Each of the search results is identified by a symbol that represents the interchange type.

Global InterchangeGlobal Interchange
Parts are directly interchangeable; meeting dimensional and performance requirements of a governing industry standard.

Dimensional InterchangeDimensional Interchange
Parts dimensionally conform to an industry standard, but may have performance (i.e. pressure, temperature, flow rating, material) or other differences.

Functional (Soft) InterchangeFunctional (Soft) Interchange
Parts are functionally and dimensionally compatible with similar products. No governing standard exists to guarantee that products will interconnect.

No interchange is available. Product may be replaced with the suggested alternate that is similar in performance and function to the competitor part. In the case of quick couplings, both coupler and nipple halves will need to be replaced.

iPhone Blackberry and Android

Additionally, an image of the Parker part allows you to get a visual confirmation of the interchange. Along with the image, basic Parker product information is given, including a short description, series and catalog number (for more detailed information).

Updates are painless! Low maintenance means no more waiting for an update to load. Data updates are taken care of at the source, so you will always be accessing the most current information.

In this fast-paced world where information is king, mobile accessibility is key.

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